About TCPS

Tennessee Christian Preparatory School (TCPS) is a co-educational, interdenominational school offering a strong college preparatory academic program for students in Pre-School 2 through the twelfth (12) grade. Located in Cleveland, Tennessee, TCPS integrates Christian faith into the curriculum and the daily life of students. While TCPS is appreciative of the various Christian doctrines and traditions of the numerous students and families comprising the school community, TCPS does not operate under the authority or doctrine of any denomination or church, but operates as an independent 501(c)(3) corporation under the authority and supervision of an independent Board of Directors.

School Profile 2015

If you would like to know more about our school profile, including enrollment statistics and test scores at all grade levels, please read our 2015-Student-Profile.

Continuous Improvement Oversight Committee (CIOC)

Continuous Improvement Oversight Committee (CIOC), comprised of school stakeholders, serves to evaluate, assess, monitor, and communicate the implementation of the AdvancEd QAR recommendations and the implementation of the school’s Five Year Strategic Plan, initiated in 2010. Please read more about the CIOC here.


Tennessee Christian Preparatory School will serve students and families by providing a quality college preparatory education from a Christian world view.


Tennessee Christian Preparatory School provides a quality college preparatory education, from a Christian worldview, and equips students for tomorrow’s challenges by educating the mind and the soul.

Core Values

At the philosophic core of Tennessee Christian Preparatory School are the following Core Values, which serve as a compass to guide the school community toward fulfilling the school’s mission:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Christ-Centeredness
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Outreach
  • Community Service